Product Design Intern
Summer 2017

There are very few GUI's available to designers to support desktop development, especially a cohesive set of cursors, macOS & Cocoa components, dropdowns, menus, NSComponents, and browser chromes. I created a majority of these assets, coordinated with interns and the design resources team in California to execute and launch the project - as I was based out of NYC.


Release a comprehensive Sketch resource for people building Mac, Web, and Windows applications. Additionally, incorporate these components into Facebook's internal interface kit.


1) All Assets should be at 1x.

2) Default Size: 1080 x 1920

3) Utilize and improve upon Interface Kit Components

Default Pointer Progress Cell
Crosshair Text Move All-scroll
Col-resize Row-resize North East
South West North East North West
South East South West East West North South
North East South West North West South East Zoom Zoom Out
Grab Grabbing Pinwheel
Menu Bar Menu Bar Detailed Dock Finder Icon
iMessage Icon Calendar Icon Sketch Icon Trash Can Icon
Segmented Controllers Alerts Notification Banner Steppers
desktop kit
Core Components
desktop kit
Desktop Kit
desktop kit